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A new shape that produces a higher MOI in the Bazooka 470 Black 10.5 degree driver powers tee shots with high-flying and accurate performance.

The 460cc Titanium-powered head features Variable Face Thickness technology for improved forgiveness that produces straight and powerful tee shots even on miss-hits.

A rear fixed sole weight creates a deep center of gravity to help players of all abilities to easily launch the ball.

Tour Edge’s Bazooka 470 Black is paired with premium, ultra-light shafts ranging in weight from 50 grams to 57 grams depending on flex. The ultra-light shafts deliver a higher launch, making longer drives effortless.

  • The deep face design and Variable Face Thickness technology expands the sweet spot for a hotter launch from more contact points on the face resulting in maximum distance even on off-center hits

  • A fixed rear sole weight positions weight back and away from the face to create a deep and low Center of Gravity that helps launch the ball initially with a higher trajectory with less spin

  • Ultra-light high-launch graphite shafts deliver higher, longer trajectory

Loft  9.5°   Lie 59°   Length 45.5"   Flex S 

Loft 10.5°  Lie 59°   Length 45.5"   Flex A,R,S 

Loft 12.0°  Lie 60°   Length 45.5"   Flex L,A,R

Available in men's and women's right hand. Lengths listed are men's standard. Ladies standard lengths are -1" from men's standard.

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