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We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that our customer service department receives on a daily basis.

We realize this list does not cover all questions, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with an answer or you have a different question, please don't hesitate to call us at 800.515.3343.

Your questions are very important to us and they allow us to learn to serve you better.

Where is Tour Edge Golf located?
We are located about 35 miles west of downtown Chicago in a city called Batavia. Our current address is: Tour Edge, 1301 Pierson Drive, Batavia, IL 60510.

How long has Tour Edge been making golf clubs?
We have been making custom-fit golf clubs since 1986.

Do you sell directly to consumers?
No, we don't. Tour Edge sells through authorized dealers. To find one in your location consult our on-line Dealer Locator.

Where can I demo your clubs?
We have representatives around the country who are putting on demo days for you to test drive our products. You can locate the nearest demo day to you online at the Demo Day Locator.

Where can I buy your clubs?
Tour Edge clubs are sold at many top pro shops and off-course golf specialty shops across the country. But you won't find our clubs at K-Mart, Wal-Mart or any other mass retailer.

Does anyone on the PGA Tour play Tour Edge clubs?
Tour Edge does not pay any players on the Tour to play our clubs. However, several players have used our equipment simply because they like the way it performs.

Do I need custom-fit golf clubs?
It is quite possible. Since people come in different shapes and sizes, why shouldn't their golf clubs? A lot of times, custom-fitting involves minor changes such as grip size or lie angle, but at Tour Edge we take into account every detail so that your clubs are truly custom-fit for you.

Where can I be custom-fit for Tour Edge clubs?
You can be custom-fit by experienced club fitters at any authorized Tour Edge dealer. To locate a dealer nearest you, please go to the Dealer Locator.

When ordering a set of clubs through a Tour Edge dealer, will Tour Edge build the clubs to fit me, such as adding an inch in length, and does it cost me extra?
Yes, Tour Edge will build the clubs to your grip size, length, lie angle, and shaft flex at no extra charge. And, no delay in shipping time, either.

Which shaft flex will work best for me?
In order to determine your proper shaft flex, it is important to know how fast you swing the golf club. This is the most accurate way to determine what flex will work best for you and that's why we developed the Swing Speed Fit system for our shaft fitting.

Why haven't I heard of Tour Edge?
We're constantly hiring new representatives and opening new accounts across the country to serve you better. But there is a chance that we have no distribution in your area. If this is the case for you please contact Tour Edge at (800)515-3343.

How can you offer a lifetime warranty that includes graphite shaft breakage?
Tour Edge has a very high quality of standards for its components. Each piece is individually inspected to insure no defects, which leads to the highest quality finished product possible. Using these strict guidelines, along with our dedication to customer satisfaction, we feel a lifetime warranty expresses our confidence in our product.

You claim your clubs are as good or better than anyone in golf, including Callaway. Why, then, are yours considerably less in price?
Tour Edge does not pay large groups of touring pros to play our products, nor do we spend money on costly national television advertising. As a result, we can pass these savings on to you. Our dollars are spent on in-store promotions, national golf publications and product development.

Do you carry junior golf clubs?
Yes, we have the Bazooka 350Y- the most high tech junior line in the industry, featuring our new junior graphite shaft.

Are Tour Edge models knockoffs or do you design your own heads?
All of our club heads are designed at Tour Edge. With the aid of our research and development department, it is our goal to be on the cutting edge of design.

Do you sell just components?
No, we are not a component company. Tour Edge manufacturers only the highest quality finished product in the golf industry.

How soon can I get your clubs if I order them from a dealer today?
Tour Edge is very proud of its turn-around time for custom-fit and standard orders. We can confidently say you'll have your clubs in 7 working days.

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